The Growing Trend of Plant-Forward Living
The easiest way to make that transition to a plant-based lifestyle, even for the most voracious meat lovers…

Plant-forward living has been trending for a while now. It became known as one of the easiest ways to ease yourself into a sustainable lifestyle.

But what is plant-forward living? And how is it different from plant-based eating? Here’s the answer you’ve been looking for:

What is plant-forward living?
Plant-forward living is easy to adapt, especially, for those who are just starting their climate-friendly or health journeys.


Simply because in plant-forward living there are no rules or restrictions. The main idea of plant-forward living is to put plants forward. In other words, to prioritize fruits and vegetables while making your food choices.

In case you can’t eliminate animal products from your lifestyle, plant-forward living is a perfect way to get started with a greener lifestyle. You don’t have to be harsh on yourself and eliminate all animal products.

With plant-forward living, you can still eat both, and mix-and-match the way you want. This is partly the reason why it became so popular. Going vegan or plant-based can be daunting, especially after eating milk and animal products for one’s whole life, so plant-forward eating becomes the perfect option.

What’s the difference between plant-based and plant-forward living?
A plant-based diet is sometimes viewed as too extreme or harsh for people who are just getting started on their sustainability or health journey. People are afraid of restrictions and dietary rules – that’s why plant-forward living is taking off.

Dietitians all over the world started to work on a non-dietary food approach to involve more and more people in plant-based eating. Plant-forward living is viewed as a less harsh option where you do not have to eliminate all the animal products in one go. You can put plants forward but still mix them with animal-based products every now and then.

How to start a plant-forward lifestyle?
Starting a plant-forward lifestyle is easier than any other form of a plant-based diet. You can start with the smallest steps like putting a few more veggies on your dinner plate, or tasting new plant-based protein (peanut butter, soy sausages, tofu, quinoa).

Little by little, you may increase the number of consumed vegetables and plant-based food and move towards other types of sustainable living like plant-based or vegan lifestyle.

Food ideas for plant-forward living
Make a list of your favorite foods and think about how you can add more plant-based products to it. The greatest thing about plant-forward living is that you do not have to follow any rules and create the entire routine by yourself. Here are some simple recipes to spark your mind:

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